How to Blog Your Way to the Bank

Episode Summary

Food blogger and founder of Blue Bonnet Baker, Amber Bracegirdle, turns her food blog into a full time profitable business. And...she's helping others do the same! Join us as we talk about the business of blogging and making money as a lifestyle content creator.

Episode Notes

Lifestyle and food blogging expert, Amber Bracegirdle,  turned her love of food into a business. Her first food blog,, blossomed into a profitable online venture.  She then launched Food Fanatic, and with a couple fo business partners, they discovered how to help other online content creators turn their passions into profits. They now run a digital ad exchange called Mediavine, a full-service ad management platform.

Mediavine builds sustainable businesses for thousands of content creators, with advertising, products, education and more.

Join us for the first part of our conversation with Amber as she shares with us how she got started and we ask her about the future of blogging and  how to make money as an lifestyle content creator. 

We continue our conversation in episode #75.