The Business of Blogging

Episode Summary

Amber Bracegirdle, one of the founders of Mediavine, shares one of the greatest pieces of advice she got from a friend. That hot tip is about five minutes into the interview. It's a powerful tip and a powerful conversation!

Episode Notes

Amber's Tips for Building a Sustainable Online Business:

Get comfortable with change.

The hot new thing in blogging.

Get ready to learn.

Be open to learning new technology.

Also... some people say that blogging is dying... hear what Amber has to say about that!

We also talk about blog posts as multiple pieces of content...

Amber shares a great piece of advice she got from a really good, smart friend.

And... it's possible to  turn your blog into a legacy business! Yes, a business you can pass down to your kids! It's an incredible conversation you won't want to miss.